Most carpet dealers will carry hundreds of different types and colours of carpet from many different manufacturers. Some will be in stock for quick delivery, while others will have to be ordered from local wholesale distributors but either way, you can usually get nearly any kind of carpet or brand of carpet from any carpet store. But, what really sets the different stores apart are going to be how they handle their pricing, installation, and customer care before and after the sale. Let’s take a look at how the best carpet store in Newport Wales would operate so you can compare.

Top Notch Customer Service Before, During, And After The Sale

In today’s online shopping world it’s getting harder to find good customer service since most of the internet only stores are centred on price comparisons. But when it comes to choosing carpet and furniture for your home there are some things that only can be bought by touching, feeling, sitting, and seeing in person. No matter how soft a sofa looks online, you’ll have to sit on it and relax for awhile to really know whether it’s right for you. The same with carpeting, you have to actually walk on it with your bare feet, maybe lie down on it, and dig your fingers into the fibres to really know whether it’s the right one for your home.

To choose the right carpet store it must be a quiet, relaxing atmosphere, where you can wander among the different venues and see how the colours interact with real furniture and subdued, normal lighting, not fluorescent or sodium box store lights which impart an orange hue to everything. Most carpet stores will carry the top brands found everywhere, but the buying experience and installation service are what you’re really choosing.

Go Online And Read The Customer Reviews About Their Installation

Once you’ve found the right colour, material, and quality of carpet, the real challenge is going to be getting it installed right. The carpet that’s installed correctly and taken proper care of can last up to 20 years so it’s something that has to be done right. You can go online and read the customer reviews for the installation crew to find out whether the store you want to buy from has good installation as well. Once you compare the reviews of George Street Warehouse, which is the best carpet store in Newport Wales, then you’ll know what you should be looking for, no matter where you live on the planet.

You’ll notice that they’ve been in business since 1951 and have a long history of great customer care after the sale. So much so that many of their customers are repeat customers from the children of other happy clients as well. Since their stores were originally started as a family operation more than 30 years ago involving a man, his wife and their two sons, they’ve expanded without losing their roots with the best customer service and highly skilled, long-term employees that you can count on. While they do sell on the internet, just like everyone else, when it comes to choosing home furnishings there is nothing like experiencing the real products and seeing how they’re built to last, in-person, at a real store.

Oh and, by the way, this Newport store has absolutely the best quality carpeting to work with when carpet cleaning time arrives!

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