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Tri-Aqua Cleaning has been delivering our cleaning services for office in South Wales for many years and we understand the level of service our customers need to properly reflect the image and standards of their business. Maintaining a clean and healthy environment at work is very important, from influencing morale through to first impressions with a new, potential client. Office spaces need to be clean, fresh-looking and inviting for both staff and visitors. Furthermore, we know that our office cleaning services need to fit around the business and employees on a business and personal level. As a commercial cleaning company, we are familiar with the need to work outside normal business hours but also the importance of not leaving the environment odourless and fume-free. We take pride in the fact our methods for office cleaning are employee-friendly so your staff don’t have to worry about chemicals and fumes lingering around when they need to focus and concentrate.

When discussing their needs with customers, we see the same three areas of concern cropping up time and time again.

  • Glass surfaces and door panels with fingerprints that the current provider just doesn’t seem to consistently deal with.
  • Office cubicles and the working environment not dusted (and we know that high area dusting such as vents and ducts are essential to solving this).
  • Bathrooms not cleaned properly and left fresh and inviting for the working day.

If those problems are part of your office cleaning experience then we are very familiar with both the set of issues and the way to reliably and consistently deal with them. Our current clients agree and we’re very pleased to receive their positive feedback but we’re also always looking to improve our service. We value that feedback just as much.

Of course, we expect you to compare us with others in the same area but we’re confident our services and pricing model will compete with the best. We know that partnerships are built on trust and we look to build ongoing relationships with corporate customers that will last. Nonetheless, if you do want to go head wit some comparisons then in or experience it’s worth looking over these three areas with a prospective new Office cleaning provider.

A couple Of Features Of A Great Office Cleaning Service

What should an office cleaning service be able to offer you? If you need someone to professionally clean for you, they need to meet some rigid requirements. Make sure the services you get are worth the investment by making sure your boxes are ticked in these two main areas.

They Have Enough Experience In The Right Areas

A big part of what makes a cleaning service good is how much work they have done for others in the past. You can generally find out if a company is skilled by learning about when they were started. If, for instance, they have been around for 10 years then it’s obvious they are doing things right.

There are, however, companies that have been around for a while that are not that good. That’s why it comes in handy to find a few reviews. Look at the positive, negative, and neutral ones for a well-rounded view of what they are like. No service is perfect, and not all of them that have one bad review are bad either.

Pricing Is Competitive

Why do business with a company that charges more than the market average? Unless they are well known for being the only company in the area that’s good, they should stick with a fair price. Make a list of what company charges what, and make sure you find out what commercial office cleaning rates they charge by the job or by the hour.

When you make a list, you can then sort it from the highest to lowest prices. For places with very high prices, look at reviews to see if they are better than the others and that’s why they charge more. If a place has a really low rate, then research reviews to see if that’s because they are not very thorough.


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