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Business-level carpet cleaning standards are our standard.

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Newly Cleaned Company Flooring around desk collectionCommercial carpet cleaning can require specialist attention in a way that domestic cleaning often may not.  Consider, for example, commercial carpet cleaning of a large scale and well-trafficked cafeteria or, perhaps, a requirement need for daily cleaning of a large office complex or school/college. These introduce factors of scale, scheduling and, often, regulations that a homeowner won’t face.

As a customer of a commercial cleaning service, you will want to be reassured that you are partnering with a business that has plenty of commercial carpet cleaning experience, whether as a one-off requirement or on a recurring basis. To be assured that you can trust the management and quality of work to leave you free to focus on the business itself.

Tri-Aqua Cleaning is familiar with these challenges and has the experience and expertise to deliver the quality of large-scale carpet cleaning service you will be looking for. We can also build a more comprehensive package to cover more diverse office cleaning requirements if needed.

With our experience, training and flexibility, we think we can successfully deliver for you but if you are planning to compare services, we have learned the following factors are essential in a commercial carpet cleaning partnership.

Characteristics To Look For In A Commercial Carpet Cleaning Company

If you are searching for best commercial carpet cleaning solution or partner then please consider the following;

Do They Have The Right Equipment For The Scale Of Job

There are carpet cleaning services that only do residential jobs and they aren’t a good fit for commercial work. So no matter what you read online or in advertisements, make sure you call and ask if they can help you with your specific requirement. Most importantly, they may need or have access to industrial carpet cleaning equipment that is essential for larger projects, so confirm they do.  We at Tri-Aqua Cleaning are used to larger projects and the equipment and skill needs that go with them.

Are They Trusted By Others For Commercial Work

Companies that have a good reputation tend to be more trustworthy than those with a terrible one, and this is especially true in the world of Commercial carpet cleaning. Reviews are one way to learn more about a company, but you have to be careful when looking at them. You will want to find detail on other work they have done and should avoid trusting a one sentence review that says they were good or bad. We believe a partner should be able to provide such reassurance and we can.

Are They Able To Work Within Your Business Schedule

This is one of the core essentials of a good commercial carpet cleaning partnership. If you have a business to run, you may not want your company operating machines during office hours or periods of expected high volume business. Either way, you will want to call and ask whether they can come out and work around your schedule and plans. This is also a good time to ask for the price of the service so you know what you’ll have to pay if your cleaning partner operates outside normal business hours.  We see this often at Tri-Aqua Cleaning and are very used to tailoring bespoke scheduling to fit the needs of our business or local authority partners.


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